REVO 24|36

"I was able to put a large blank and spin a rough blank at over 400RPM with no vibration whatsoever... the smooth operation is so sweet for finishing cuts with that shearing action just peels the wood away, leaving a beautiful finish that requires very little sanding"

24|36 Features

Secondary Control Panel

No more having to reach around a spinning piece, this 24|36 exclusive secondary control panel can be mounted in two locations. With the panel angled perfectly for ease of use, changing speeds or directions is just as easy.


One Step Cam-Action Belt Change

Because of the intricate engineering and development of the 24|36, tools are not needed to change belts. Simply slide the belts on and off, protecting them with a magnetic sealed door


Cast Iron Frame
All-steel Bed

The sturdiness of the cast iron frame will ensure your turning capabilities. No more worrying about any wiggling or instability. The All-steel bed allows the banjo to travel seamlessly across to the perfect turning position.


24|36 Studio