REVO 18|36

"Someone clearly put a lot of thought into this machine. The 2-hp motor is very powerful, and adjusting the speed is smooth and quiet. The conical nose on the headstock is a great feature that will aid in power sanding and removing tenons from the bottoms of bowls."

18|36 Features

110v 1.5HP
220v 2HP

Depending on your workload, the REVO 18|36 offers a choice of a 110v 1.5hp motor or 220v 2hp motor. Both feature the Variable Frequency Drive to maintain precision and perfection

LAGUNA Bearings

Our bearings are sealed, preloaded, & press fit into cast iron housing:

Front Bearing is pressed fit into headstock of LEFT side. RIGHT side is held in place by the spindle

Rear Bearing is designed to float within housing (+0.0006″) on LEFT side. RIGHT side has a bearing wave washer locked in place by precision lock nut


The basic dynamic load rating is 30% higher than a 6207 Ball Bearing. Another benefit to the REVO’s cone shaped headstock is the extreme bearing distance of 11.25″



  • 4.5″ Engraved Self-ejecting
  • Tailstock Through-Bore: 3/8″
  • On-board Tool Storage

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