REVO 12|16

"I've been turning for 25 years and I've been teaching woodturning for 19 years and what I've found that whenever I find a lathe that helps me create what I want to make, then that's when woodturning becomes really enjoyable ... I can assure that the REVO 12|16 Lathe is a wonderful machine to use and a delightful addition to the Laguna stable of woodturning lathes"

12|16 Features

REVOlutionary New Control

Pulse Width Modulation – PWM – utilizes transistors to make communication between the motor & controller much quicker. PWM controls stabilize the RPM while increasing the torque when needed. PWM vastly improve efficiency & torque at low speeds, allowing the user to turn with confidence at any RPM.

Pulse Width Modulation vs. Old Fashioned Potentiometers

Potentiometers can only increase torque by increasing speed. They are also slow and inexpensive. PWM increases controller/motor reaction time and maintains high torque at low speeds.

Variable Frequency Drive

Allowing for precision turning, Laguna’s VFD  – Variable Frequency Drive – empowers the turner to control the most minute detail. Feel the stability through your tools as the motor softly hums the rotation of your work.

One Step Cam-Action Belt Change

Because of the intricate engineering and development of the 12|16, tools are not needed to change belts. Simply slide the belts on and off, protecting them with a magnetic sealed door

One Step-Cam Action Belt Change

Luxury Banjo w/45º Chamfered Edge

The Banjo is the soul of any lathe.

Laguna increased the diameter of the eccentric rod as well as completely redesigned the hanger, these changes give the REVO 12|16 banjo a soft yet solid feel unlike any other.

Banjo Locking Mechanism

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